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Sharon Collings Licata
Guiding you to a deeper, more meaningful life using Shamanic Principles!
Sharon Collings Licata
Guiding you to a deeper, more meaningful life using Shamanic Principles!

Let’s Work Together

I have been helping people shamanically for a number of years and offer a wide range of Shamanic Service including: individual sessions, Shamanic journey instruction, Power Animal Return, Illumination Process, Extraction, Soul Retrieval and other healing modalities (Reiki, stone layouts, etc). Your needs and direction of the compassionate helping Spirits will help determine the methods we use. Clients can also have work provided remotely by phone or Skype.

My practice is based in the Midlands of South Carolina, accessible from anywhere in the state. Shamanic Walk services also includes ceremonies, wedding, and guest speaking.

I love helping people create more fulfilled lives and greatly value working with each client.

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My path to becoming a shamanic practitioner is similar to the stories of the journey told by many others through the centuries. It began when I was struck with a serious and painful illness, which threatened total disability over time.

I am a sculptor— primarily stone, but also bronze, clay, and formed stone. It was vital to my teaching career that I regain my stamina and abilities for the visiting Artist Program in the public schools of South Carolina (since 1993) and other artistic endeavors.

Something remarkable resulted from my illness. The spirits forced me to slow down and make changes to introduce me to a larger purpose. The more I focused on what was being revealed through my growing shamanic practice, the more my physical strength returned. That miracle was my introduction to shamanic healing. I came to see the improvements in my illness as gifts from the helping spirits, teaching me another way to become whole and present in life.

My academic career includes a BA in political science and art from Agnes Scott College, Georgia, summer studies at New York University, a Master of Media Arts from the University of South Carolina and education specialist course work from Georgia State University. I have attended numerous workshops and symposiums for further studies and served as a graduate assistant at USC while completing a Masters. Before going into the visual arts and teaching, I worked at Emory University Hospital, designing and producing patient and staff AV educational training materials.

My studies with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) include completing the advanced workshops, FSS Harner Shamanic Counseling Training, the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, and the Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. I’m a full “Mesa Carrier” in a Four Winds lineage and an ordained minister with The Brigade of Light in Cedar Mountain, DC.

With the helping spirits, I provide shamanic healing services including: power animal retrieval, extraction, soul retrieval, divination, psychopomp and other healing practices, depending on the needs of the client. My experience allows me to work remotely, as well as in person, if required.

Since Shamanic Walk is based in the midlands of South Carolina, FSS workshops and healing sessions are accessible from anywhere in the state. In addition, I coordinate the local Shamanic drum circle twice a month. Please contact me if you are interested in our working together. sha@shamanicwalk.com