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Sharon Collings Licata
Guiding you to a deeper, more meaningful life using Shamanic Principles!
Sharon Collings Licata
Guiding you to a deeper, more meaningful life using Shamanic Principles!

Hello world!

Each of us comes to shamanism in a unique way. Some find ourselves on the path after a life-changing event and we are catapulted into seeking a new way to view our experience. Others might be more inclined to connect with the shamanic perspective because we are sensitive to the invisible energy that surrounds us. What led me to shamanism was actually a combination of both. My intention in sharing this story is to acknowledge the fact that you are here now, on my website, reading this blog. None of it is by chance. If this is a pivotal time in your awareness, a new direction might be shown to you. It’s a privilege to be part of that process.

Fifteen years ago, fully engaged as sculptor, teacher, art exhibitor and all things artistic, I was dealing with an illness that could become debilitating. During a phone call with a friend, I began to feel fearful, but could not discern how it happened so suddenly without obvious provocation. Given instant insight, I spoke of it without inhibition – the fish in my backyard pond were in danger and I had to hang up right away to check. Remarkably, the pump system had come loose and the fish were in immediate danger. Once fixed, I called back to explain my abruptness, but mentioned being unable to process why the energy of fear was overwhelming earlier. My friend shared that she is also energy sensitive and understood the experience. Being raised in a traditional background, the concept was new to me and we spent time on the subject. Something jelled in my psyche and I was compelled to learn more.

I pursued various alternative disciplines (including Reiki, EFT, Touch For Health and Stone Layouts), which utilize the range of energy forms available to us, and began to feel more comfortable with the concept. Over time, similar notions intersected through the different modalities — but when introduced to Shamanic Principles, it was apparent I had found my calling.

This blog will be an intertwined sharing of ideas, experiences, observations and voices of others on the Shamanic Walk. It will be a way to communicate with practitioners, students, clients and visitors just here for the moment. We never know when we are receiving exactly the right information to positively change the course of our life and consciousness. Thank you for stopping by…

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  • Karen Chen

    February 27, 2018

    I am moving to Columbia, South Carolina in a few weeks and I am very excited to see the workshops you are offering! I have done meditation and inner work with the Clairvision School of Meditation since 2011, and have done energy healing training for the past few years with Pat Fleury in Houston. In my regular job, I am a physician. Being present for my mother in law’s last days of life was an amazing experience (end of 12/2016). I would love to attend your death and beyond workshop, but see that i will have to attend the basic workshop first. I will try to attend the basic workshop in May.

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